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Turkish Lang.

We want Turkish language pl.

More leagues

Great game I just wanted to say there's not enough leagues in the game it's some of the biggest leagues like Switzerland,America, China I did a review on the android version, and you guys said too much space it took up well why don't you make it downloadable like commentaries in FIFA and PES2017 mobile games.


Ruins my mood every time, impossible to win. I've tried every tactics and get beat with the best teams by horrible teams. I consistently got beat in the Scottish Premiership 4-0 using Celtic

Let there be more!

Let there be MORE clubs to manage! I hate being limited to minimal clubs, and we can't even really unlock most of them. Also create a Manager would be cool


I tested a all 5 star ability team in the EPL and I finished 3rd. I was drawing with the bottom half of the table teams. If my team was actually all 5 stars worth $75+M each I think they would walk the league no matter what tactics I tried.

Dry and waste of money

Game is boring, too many draws, draws draws. Am using Barcelona and all I do is draw or loseto small teams. It's not realistic. I just wasted money buying this dull game.

Great Game , Addictive BUT . . . .

There should be more coachable countries like Haiti , Honduras etc.More leagues instead of choosing between 4 or 5.SHOULD HAVE SOUND EFFECT FROM THE CROWD either a chant , when the home team score a goal or got fouled etc or a vocal commentary.The press should ask questions more often, Played this game for a while now with Spurs , Milan , and Ajax turned them to a powerhouse BUT the youth academy NEVER helped even when it reach its full maximum 🤦🏽‍♂️ Umm I think that's pretty much it ohhhh noooo DEFINITELY should have end of the year awards like Ballon D'or , Coach Of The Year ( Not League ) , and other prestigious awards.I think that's pretty much it.


Why this version doesn't have Brazil? Any soccer game should have Brazil!

nice game


More active leagues please

This game is really good. However, I wonder why only 4 countries can have active leagues and only 1 country can have all active leagues in the game. I would wish you guys to make all the countries can have all active leagues in the game.


Played a full season and 2/3 of all games ended in a draw ...over and over ..makes the game unplayable

Using wrong national flag and name

Ok, Chinese Taipei is not China PR and they have two different flags. I can't believe it's 2017 and people still make this mistake.

Please translate to Arabic

The game was loaded very wonderful but unfortunately do not support the Arabic language and I can not control the game and there are many fans of the game can not download because of the translation please translate to Arabic Thank you for your efforts


Add the MLS!!!

Jan Transfers

Add the January transfers please.


update the new player transfers


Los clubes no tiene un logo. Y los jugadores no tienen foto eso le falta. No vale la pena pagar esto, pensé que iba ser mejor que el anterior

Good Game

I would also like to see MLS included in the game, as well as the logos and trademarks for the teams.

Good game, though it may not be for everyone

This game is pretty good. It's easy to immerse yourself into a save that goes into the 2020's, and you can build superteams easily if you know what you are doing. However, it does have flaws. For example, players become stupidly overpriced later on in the save. Other than the price of the game being a little high, I would recommend this game to anyone who likes the beautiful game and has some time to kill.

Database Issues/Happiness Issues/Transfer Issues

Not trying to complain but putting out some honest feedback that someone will hopefully take note of and resolve (Disclaimer: I don't know whether or not these are intentional/by design): I'm only to 2022-23 and I'm already out of good players to buy. I literally have over 800 million pounds in my transfer budget and there is no one to buy that will improve my team. It seems like 75% of the top young players are GK. Way too many. Need better players to be generated due to the following issue: Squad harmony is impossible to maintain because literally every second team player is unhappy almost immediately. This includes 16 year-olds that I transfer in as well as youngsters that come up through the academy. I haven't been sacked but I imagine it makes for a lot of quick sackings if results aren't pretty decent. Last thing: I can't see when other clubs bid for players I've shortlisted. Several times, I'll either scout someone, or have a bid rejected and before I can get the scouting report back or re-bid on a rejection, another club has already purchased the player. This may be intentional but in all my years of playing CM/FM it has never been like this. This is the first FM game in recent memory that is in danger of not being played for more than one career and at this rate, I may not even play through all the way.

It does the trick.

It has a lot of new features, you can now see the European cup top goal scorers, new scouting price estimates. It does seem that you shouldn't rely on developing young players due to the fact that they won't be loaned out, ever! Pk's I am not sure yet, it's 50-50 so far for me. However there are too many draws for my taste. My record is 9 straight draws, to that I did not save trick to see if it could be a bug, I suspect there is one bc I tied 5 time in a row when exiting and not saving to replay the match over and over again. Also played 4 seasons and have only won a game 4 or 5-0 2 times, seems rather unrealistic to me. I think with a few bug fixes this could an amazing game.

Almost the same game as last year ...

Why this price of 9$ for basically jut database update ??? Want my money back ....

Why are there not brazilian clubs?



Wish there were more advanced tactics but good game overall

FM17 - Worthy update

With a host of new features this game is well worth the price, I particularly like the new scouting reports :)

Good game

믿고보는 fm시리즈 초보자분들 오셔서 많은정보 얻어가세요 Good game please visit


Pk shoot out broken players miss ever one opposition makes everyone in every one I've been in also shouldn't be impossible to loan out players for reserves can only loan out like 2


Very upset no player pictures.

Great game!

I want to see logos and faces but other than that it is outstanding!

Pretty good

If you can make press conferences and team talks and more advanced tactics, then this game will be the best.

Pretty okay

Pretty decent game, but I don't recommend it. It caused me to receive a seizure


It has a lot of bugs, keeps crashing... fix it!!!!


Enjoying it so Far. Would like full team logos for English premier team and Spanish league as well



where are player's pictures?

No one has pic.

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